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March 08, 2008



Hello! I found your blog from your siggy on Two Peas. I love it! I'll be adding you to my feed reader :)

Karin (creativechaos)

Hi!!!! I'm cracking up because we do the same auction type benefit for Carlos's school too. Last year I figured we would spend a set amount of money for the silent as well as the live auction. I figured us for pretty big spenders and was looking forward to start a bidding war.....that is until we were out bid within the first 2 seconds of anything we wanted.....hrmmph... I have to start saving my pennies for this year! Talk to you soon!!! I'm so trying to catch up with everyone...oh stop by the chaos blog...I'm doing a giveaway....don't worry, Ill eneter you anyway!! :)

Lea Lawson

Pretty blog!! Love the images on it!

Have a great day!
~Lea L.


Hey Girlie! I totally understand about fighting with your blog, if it wasn't for my friends helping me out and holding my hand (coughcoughAudreycoughcough) I'd never figure out what to do, lol!
WOW, sounds like you are in up to your neck with fundraising! And I know that you have a seemingly overwhelming copywriting job, but you will be AMAZING at it!!! You are SUCH a positive person, you will know just the right description to give each item so that it goes to its proper home!
I know you're gonna be super busy, but please keep me updated, I know you're gonna make this a fundraiser to remember!!! Sending all good vibes your way!!!


Hi Chris,
We're swap partners! Looking forward to getting to know you better. Sounds like you are pretty busy right now, so maybe a cup of relaxing tea? Or something Queenly,perhaps. Oh, the possibilities.

audrey h.

LOL!!! One of the things i love about you...your sense of humor. Love this post and you better get pictures of everyone dressed up. Looking forward to your new site :o) Hugs!!!

Nancy Maxwell James

so glad I wasn't being left out! :) I was going to email you today to see what was up! glad you are well - sounds like you are super busy! :)


Too funny, Cris! Loved reading about the "Battle of the Blog". I think yours and mine should get together, although I've already given mine a makeover and it's right back to being the neglected, ugly duckling again.

I'm amazed that you can even keep up with your blog through all of this event planning!

Kellie Martin

ROTFL! I found you through Cheryl M. This post is hysterical. I love your style. Have fun with your "big wig" event and keep us posted on your copywriting endeavors.

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