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January 31, 2008



Hi Cris! Can't believe I am finally getting the time to blog hop! I hope to visit frequently!Love the reworked box cover, it's gorgeous! I hope you feel better my dear!

audrey h. the reworked box cover. I love the other one you did before also but this one is even more beautiful. Love the photographs title. Take care of those cutie pies of yours. I hope they get better soon.


Cris I LOVE this box cover it is so beautiful!!! I hope you plan on keeping this displayed.
My prayers for everyone to get back on their feet soon.


Kathy Was

Love the photo box cover! It's so you! Sorry to hear that your family, and you, aren't feeling well. Drink some juice!


sheesh, sorry to hear about your poor back & your sick girls! Hope you all heal up SOON!!! LOVE the cover you did, it's gorgeous!!!

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