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February 03, 2008


Lisa Cook

Yes, that wonderful win by the Giants certainly eased the sting of the loss to you by our beloved Packers two weeks earlier! teehee. I was born in Green Bay and used to go to the games when I was a girl (way back when Bart Starr played!) My parents still have their season tickets so we enjoy a game or two each season still.
Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave such a nice comment and to sign up for my OWOH drawing. : )

audrey h.

I am so late with this comment but WOO-HOO from me too. That was awesome!

Susan Tuttle

You are so funny! Congrats on your team winning. I felt sad for the Pats, but that feeling wore off fairly quickly. Super Bowl is the one time of the year DH and I watch football - mostly for the yummy bad food - lol!



Yeah, uh-huh

awesome awesome awesome!!

One exciting game!!

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