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June 01, 2007



CONGRATS on being published!!! TWICE!!! How cool is that??!! Sending belated birthday wishes to Mandy and Congrats on all her accomplishments!!!

Altered Antiquity

Congratulations on all of your wonderful achievements! Both of your girls are just adorable!

I picked up my copy of Gallery last week and quickly briefed through it. I generally always looks at the artwork first...then, if something strikes me...I look to see who did it. I came across this absolutely BEAUTIFUL "Little Women" piece that just blew me away, and then I looked to see who did it. IT WAS YOURS!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous girlfriend!! And very well-deserved. It should have made the cover!!


Your daughter is darling, Cris!!! Get ready for high school!
Congrats on your recent publication! I adore your Little Women mini book!

Laura Duet

Congratulations all around!!!!!! Exciting and fun times for you and your girls! Can't wait to see your mini book.

I have been trying to email you, but maybe I have the wrong email address. I need your correct address...need to send your FFA album!! Write me at!! Thanks!!!

lots of love

Jennifer Paganelli

I've got an eigth grader your blog loving to get to know all the creative people..Jennifer Paganelli


Congrats on Take Ten! Exciting, exciting, exciting! Oh, and congrats to your birthday gal, too.


Lea Lawson

What awesome cards you posted at the end of your entry! Love them! Great job!

Karin (creativechaos)

Congratulations on the two published pieces! I'm going to have to go check it out!

Karin (creativechaos)

Congratulations on the two published pieces! I'm going to have to go check it out!

Danielle Muller

congrats my friend! your artwork is lovely...the paper ones and the flesh ones...those girls are precious! i emailed you about friday...get back to me woman!

Susan Tuttle

Hi Cris!!

Congratulations for all three!! Beautiful published work!!!! I need to sit down with Gallery and find it--it's beautiful!!!! Congratulations on Take Ten--I will have to go find a copy!

Congrats on your daughter's graduation!!

Relish, relish, relish!!


Patty S

congrats to your 'big girl' and to you to for getting your beautiful work published! :-) patty


Gosh, don't they grow up so fast. Congrats on all the published work. I meant to write sooner, about seeing the Little Women one in Gallery. It really turned out even better than I imagined. Oh, I also just got Rubber Stamping and so many beautiful cards by you. So congrats again.


Congratulations to all the graduates!!! My son just graduated from 8th grade too - it's funny but the 8th grade ceremonies are the ones that make me realize their childhoods are almost gone...I really love the art pieces, too, Cris! Such lovely work! Best wishes! xxoo

Deryn Mentock

Congratulations Cris!! You're little girl is sweet...


Yeah for Cris! LOVE the Little Women piece, it was FAB!!! And congrats to your sweetie girlies, I know where they get their good looks, smarts and talent!


First, what a beautiful young lady you have! Congratulations on her achievements! Also, congrats on your recent publications. You go girl!

jo capper-sandon

And ps,,,,Go 'Little Big Girl' the star actress!!!!!!!
(sorry forgot that bit, theres just so much good news on here!!!!!!)

jo capper-sandon

WOW no wonder you've been run off your feet !! And what wonderful achievements !!! You must have been grinning from ear to ear with pride for 'Big Girl' :0)
And look at you with your comp issues! Saw the Somerset piece....absolutely stunning work and totally baffled as to why it wasnt in Studio as it was awesome. The pieces for TT look wonderful too. Love the floral one especially.
What a great happy post !!!xxx

audrey h.

Cris.......tell Mandy 'congrats' for me. And 'honor roll', what a smart beautiful young lady you have and I know you guys are so proud of her. And congrats to all your pieces that got pub'd....especially the Little Women tribute one. I saw it in Somerset Gallery and just fell in love with it :o)

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